KOERNER Triple Heater

Finnish sauna, soft steam, infrared vitae

This makes it possible to use the KOERNER sauna for IR heat treatment as version. The IR-VITAE full-spectrum emitter used by us corresponds to the natural spectrum of the sun and are reduced for use in saunas with eye and skin-friendly IR-A. Both the dry Finnish sauna as well as, if chosen, the soft steam sauna can be used thereby, unrestricted.

TRIPLE HEATER also includes:

  • Infrared VITAE seating with light emitter in the cabin wall
  • Infrared VITAE lounger with light emitter in the ceiling of the cabin
  • TRIPLE HEATER sauna control for Finnish sauna, or if nec. soft steam operation and additional IR heat sauna function for deep heat treatment with „warm-up“ function, i.e. the sauna heater provides pleasant, „foot warming“ climate in the cabin

The TRIPLE HEATER technology package containing VITAE light emitters are so-called full-spectrum emitters according to the latest technical knowledge with a sun-like ray spectrum and have a white special filter disc made of SCHOTTGlas for reduction of unwanted IR-A radiation.