Tailor-made sauna specially suited to your needs

Our tailor-made LAUREUS is the sauna for installation in residential areas: *optimal spatial integration through special external cladding, which is formed by plastering, wallpapering or tiling the space environment as needed individuals. Thanks to floor-depth glazing, there is a seamless transition from the space in the sauna and a special spacious feeling in the sauna itself. The horizontal wall panelling even creates a particular optical range in the space, even for smaller layouts.

Our LAUREUS has a height of 215 cm.

Glasfront mit rahmenloser Vollglastüre


  • tailor-made
  • inside silver fir chamfer
  • outside plasterboard*
  • floor depth glass front

Floor depth glass front with frameless glass door.

Bankanlage aus skandinavischer Espe

Bench System

  • Laureus LS aspen

Bench system LS from Scandinavian aspen in solid body construction, complete with filigree backrests, blinds etc.

Vollisolierte Ständerbauweise

Profile Direction

  • horizontal

80 mm wall thickness for the fully insulated stand construction with 18 mm strong inner panel made of regional silver fir in solid fibre boards in horizontal installation. Or 58 mm solid construction with plank elements made of silver fir on request at extra charge.



  • Glass panel

SINGLE HEATER technology package with oven and control for operation as a Finnish Sauna produced from materials from southern Germany and joint development by and with long-time partners. Also available with additional DOUBLE HEATER DOUBLE HEATER and/or TRIPLE HEATER available.

Many additional accessories, including light, ambience, sound, exterior cladding such as coloured glass, etc.

Prices for our tailor-made sauna LAUREUS start at 10.960.- € VAT included.