KOERNER Wellness

feel more comfortable with special light and sounds

Bring colour into play: the colour light stimulation acts on the vegetative nervous system and the psyche. An additional effect for your optimum wellbeing in the sauna.

RED stimulates and affects blood circulation, and activates and invigorates spirits.

YELLOW is the colour of the sun, warm, comfortable, relaxing.

GREEN has a calming effect, providing self-assurance and strength.

BLUE is for meditation and reflection, lowers the blood pressure and inhibits inflammatory processes, soothing and relaxing.

Sauna mit Farblicht

SIRIUS coloured light

In addition to white cabin light, there are eight more stimulation colours. Use a simple hand movement to select your colour programme or your favourite colour.

Sauna mit Sternenhimmel

Starlit sky

Colour light starlit sky with 52-piece fibre optic cable made of high quality fibreglass. Illumination in red, yellow, green and blue via separate lightbox with controllable colour wheel. The energy- efficient light guide and the harmonious arrangement of the points of light improve and enhance the lighting experience. The colour setting , the mix and the duration of colour is controlled by a microcontroller device.

Sauna Klang-Paket

Sound package

Be inspired by delightful sounds. The sound package will envelop your sauna in an aural feast for the ears. Two special, moisture and temperature resistant hi-fi speaker boxes of 60 watts, each with specially dampened wooden casings are in tune with the sound volume your sauna. The control can be controlled by any standard music player. The boxes are located underneath the bench.

Sauna Audio-Paket

Audio Package

Complete audio system for digital music in mp3 format on memory card, USB stick as well as radio. Complete with loudspeaker.

Sauna mit indirekter Beleuchtung

Indirect lighting / LED lighting

Concealed lighting in the heating shaft of the SECURTHERM heating system. Sauna effect lighting with special heatinsensitive LEDs, incorporated in the backrests in the walls above the uppermost bed, providing discreet, glare-free lighting.

Sauna Fenster


We will be more than happy to provide additional light in your sauna. Fixed glass sections in the sauna wall or recesses of the existing space or skylights create beautiful views, both inwardly and outwardly.